We build tech for startups

We're a Startup Studio that helps entrepreneurs work out what to build, and have the tech team to make that happen.


Business and startup strategy, combined
with agile product development

what we do


We’ve built startups before. We know that building startups is a journey, a discovery process as you find a real customer problem to solve.

By leveraging our team’s experience in building technology for startups we help get your product out fast and make sure it’s reliable. We build in short quick build cycles so you can get customer validation asap.

We also help with the softer stuff like positioning, marketing and fundraising to move you more rapidly towards product market fit. (We don't invest ourselves.)

We push for early traction as nothing proves an idea like numbers can. Because of this, investors trust us as we can help seriously lower the technological risk and cost when launching a new product as well as give you control on how much to spend and when.

We specialise building up ideas and helping them get to the next level; but we can also support more developed projects by building additional features, new products and apps, or roll out existing products on a new platforms.

The team We're hiring


If you’ve got an idea that you need built, can't find a technical co-founder or if it’s going to take too long to build yourself – then you've come to the right place.

We can provide scalable technical resources of a range of skills as you need them; and give you the support, direction and focus to help you stay on track.

We let you take control of your technical costs, spending money on development only when you can afford it and give you better control of your burn rate.

We'll help you work out the easiest path to market, build an MVP and get traction. (Or better yet, become profitable.) Ultimately, it's all about lowering your risk and unknowns.

We work on fixed predictable rates, but sometimes allow you to convert a minority % of your invoice into a convertible note - which lowers your cost and aligns our interests. We're there whenever you need us, will help hire and train new team members and support you all the way to your success.

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What we look for

Great People

You need to be passionate, hard working, keen to learn and willing to go the extra mile. The right people are most critical in a startup - and we’re picky. Having a tech co-founder is a big plus too and small teams are ideal.

Real Businesses

Ideally a company should have some sort of traction or proof of concept. We prefer not to do blue sky ideas without validation - unless it’s REALLY interesting...


We like ideas that have potential as is often the case in business-to-business companies. If you’re selling to consumers your idea needs to be amazing and hopefully you have some data to show us why.


We’re looking for painkillers that can go BIG! It must be able to scale outside of South Africa and needs to address a big (ideally 3rd world) market.

*We build on whichever platform makes sense for the idea and market – Native App / Node.js / Java / ... See our code

Startups we’ve worked with:

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